NEMO project joins the BRIDGE initiative


NEMO's experts will actively participate in BRIDGE's working groups to address common challenges and facilitate knowledge sharing

April 4, 2024

The NEMO (NExt-generation MOdels for advanced battery electronics) project has recently become a part of the BRIDGE initiative.

BRIDGE is the EU Commission initiative that brings together Horizon 2020 and Horizon Europe projects focusing on Smart Grid, Energy Storage, Islands, and Digitalization. Its main aim is to address common challenges and facilitate knowledge sharing among selected projects committed to achieving a resilient, decarbonised, and integrated energy system.

NEMO’s entry into the initiative aligns with its focus on digitalization. With more than 100 ongoing projects involved in BRIDGE, NEMO joins the collaborative effort, leveraging collective expertise, allowing them to deliver conclusions and recommendations about the future exploitation of the project results with a single voice.

The consortium behind NEMO, including its coordinator and experts, will actively participate in BRIDGE’s working groups, particularly the Data management and Business models working groups.

The current areas of focus of the Data Management group are:

  • Communication infrastructure – this entails enhancing technical means for effective exchange of data
  • Cybersecurity and data privacy – this encompasses data integrity, customer privacy and protection
  • Data handling – this entails establishing the framework for data exchange and related roles and responsibilities


The key areas of the Business Models group are:

  • Design of tools for Evaluating Benefits and Values of services and solutions emerging from project activities
  • Business Model Design for Data Value Chain Integration


This represents a new step towards NEMO’s commitment to collaborating with relevant initiatives and projects, aiming to accelerate advancements in battery electronics.

Photo: Filipe Paulo via Unsplash