The Vehicle Safety Institute (VSI) at Graz University of Technology (TUG) is investigating the safety of vehicles with different levels of automation and safety of vulnerable road users, as well as the safety of alternatively powered vehicle concepts.

The VSI focuses not only on the mechanical characterization and safety assessment of battery cells under different loading conditions but also on the detection, characterization, assessment and prognosis of faults based on sophisticated testing methodologies and novel simulation approaches. Battery safety research for state-of-the-art and future battery types is supported by advanced testing capabilities of the in-house Battery Safety Center Graz (BSCG).

Within NEMO a physics-based swelling model and a state of safety (SOS) algorithm will be developed by TUG using sophisticated methods such as electrochemical impedance spectroscopy. The BSCG enables precise validation tests for the SOS algorithms with battery cells at 100% SOC in a safe environment under laboratory conditions.