Vrije Universiteit Brussel is an Urban Engaged University in Brussels, the heart of Europe.

20,000 students, nearly a quarter of them from abroad, are engaged in building their future and that of the world. With top-quality scientific research and customized education, VUB makes an active and engaged contribution to a better and more sustainable society.

MOBI Electromobility Research Centre is the innovative research hub for electromobility in Europe and aims to make a strong contribution to a more sustainable society. With more than 120 specialists, we form a multidisciplinary team that supports the transition to a more environmentally friendly and electrified mobility and transport system. A unique mix of technical, environmental, and socio-economic skills is the strength of our research group.

The Electrochemical and Surface Engineering group (SURF) has a long tradition in research on electrochemical systems. The group is internationally recognized for its expertise in unravelling mechanisms of electrochemical processes, going from very fundamental ones to applied ones. The group counts currently 39 people (3 full-time professors, 4 part-time research professors, 11 post-docs, 21 PhDs, and 10 technical, scientific assistant, and administrative staff members).

Within NEMO, the MOBI battery research group coordinates the NEMO project leading two work packages where MOBI also develops data-driven and hybrid aging models, especially for RUL estimation of the batteries. The life cycle analysis is also performed by MOBI researchers. The SURF research group looks into the fundamental degradation of the cell-developing EIS-driven pseudo-2D model for accurate lifetime prediction and will be used in a hybrid aging modeling framework.